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Lex Romp: Wednesday Night Romp Across Lexington
12-17-14 8:00 pm - New England Movement Arts (NEMA)
Waltham Trail Runners

Come join us on a scouting run through Arlington Great Meadows & Arlington Reservoir. Surfaces are mixed, including dirt, grass, and gravel, wooden walkways and paved streets. However, trail shoes are not required. Some sections have rocks or...

LOA Gratitude Feast
12-17-14 8:00 pm - New England Movement Arts (NEMA)
The North-of-Boston Law of Attraction Meetup Group

As the calendar year 2014 comes to a close, Let's take this opportunity to reflect. What wonderful things have you manifested, a new career, a published book, a loving child, a new perspective in life? All of you have given me such experiential...

Forte Swordplay weekly Wednesday class
12-17-14 8:00 pm - New England Movement Arts (NEMA)
Forte Swordplay

Theme: Krumphau (Crooked Cut) as a fundamental defense Warm-ups & conditioning: banana drill, footwork, body resistance exercises Stretching & discussion Mechanics: cutting through v. cutting away Flow drills:[masked], Plow variants & feintsLine...

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