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Let's meet up and talk mobile in the burbs! Demos, Drinks and Discussions
10-20-14 6:30 pm - Panera Bread
Drinks on Tap

We are taking our popular DrinksOnTap meetup out of Boston and bringing it to Burlington, MA! DrinksOnTap is a social meetup for Boston area mobile developers (iPhone, Android and more). Come meet for a drink and catch up on all the new mobile...

10-20-14 6:30 pm - Panera Bread
North Shore Women's Group

Found this fabulous dinner spot, with an exciting twist!  Tables have a cooking plate built into them:)  You are served your meat, sauce and veggies of choice and they arrive at your table for you to enjoy...the aromas and all the while...

Non-combat related
10-20-14 6:30 pm - Panera Bread
Concord PTSD support group Non-combat related trauma

If participants wish they may fill out on an index card with specific things (questions or subjects relating to PTSD) they would like to hear discussed as well as a personal goal. Either that night or on another meet up. This may be done...

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