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Weapons Drills, Sparring and Interpretation
10-24-14 7:30 pm
Forte Swordplay

Fridays is a more open format class depending on the needs and preferences of the people who attains.

Halloween Party at the Sons of Italy Woburn, MA
10-24-14 7:30 pm
Social Fun

In case you are wondering what the best Halloween party is going to look like see below with 500+ people! ..So you better get a kick ass costume ASAP ok? ....Enjoy.. The very best Halloween Party at the Sons of Italy Woburn, MA . This is always...

Movie Night - The Grace Card
10-24-14 7:30 pm
Fun in the Son: New England Christian Fellowship

Let's get together for this inspirational drama that illustrates how "...Everything can change in an instant...Every day, we have the opportunity to rebuild relationships by extending and receiving God's grace." Movie is showing at the Sanderplex...

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